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Today's digital prop is a chart detailing the several worlds of The Mercury Men.  It gives some insight into the locations we hope to explore in future stories, both in new episodes and other mediums such as comics.



One of the things unique to The Mercury Men is that the story takes place on the planets of OUR solar system, not some galaxy far, far away.  Before the 1960's, nearly all science fiction stories were about Earth's neighboring planets.  For centuries, people honestly dreamed, wondered, and conjectured what creatures and societies awaited our discovery.  But the moment our sattelites and telescopes sent back pictures of nothing but empty landscapes, or even more disappointing, proved some planets to be just giant balls of gas, all science fiction stories shifted to look beyond our solar system and invent fictional worlds.

The Mercury Men however continues to wonder, WHAT IF we could explore the worlds of our galaxy?  And WHAT IF each planet DID have a unique alien race inhabiting it?  An emphasis on the FICTION of science fiction.

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That's some cool swag and we know space is very cool.

August 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMosaic_Hyde

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