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Listen to selections from The Mercury Men soundtrack without all the laser blasts and lightning bolts! And if you'd like to add the fictional album cover to your vintage vinyl collection, download a hi-res print (sized 12 x 12" to fit album frames) by clicking HERE.


Mercury Man

Rough Day At The Office / Jack Shot First

Skyscraper Saboteurs

Engineer With A Gun

Contacting The League

Engineer Attack

A Brain In A Jar

The Gravity Of The Situation

Magnetic Tower Assault

The First World

NOTE: Selections of public domain recordings of Gustav Holst's The Planets Suite and Antonín Dvoƙák's New World Symphony were used in certain episodes of The Mercury Men. While we are not permitted to redistribute those recordings, if you would like to listen to, or purchase those tracks, they are:

The Planets: Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age
The Planets: Neptune, The Mystic
Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op 95 "New World" - Allegro Con Fuoco